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Red Flags in a Crypto Bear Market

In a bear market looking for the weakest projects to cut is important. The reality is most will go to zero. We’re not saying these coins don’t have the potential to soar over the near-term… but long-term, these are cryptos that have shown some serious red flags, which we’ve identified as:

  • Anonymous teams

  • Lack of liquidity/exchange Listing

  • Meme-based

  • Poor tokenonmics (specifically fast vesting schedule, extremely high allocation to VCs and team)

  • Low developer Activity

  • Lack of decentralization

  • Questionable security

  • Active addresses with non-zero balance declining (slowing growth)

  • Project does not make a technological leap

  • Projects code is closed source

  • Staking lock-up periods greater than one week (HEX type of garbage)

  • No VC money Involved in the project

  • Greater than 75% of supply consolidated in less than 100 addresses

Of course, not every crypto on the list exhibits all of these red-flag qualities… and not every crypto that raises red flags will necessarily be proven as a bad long-term investment. But once the alarm bells start ringing, we must take a closer look and see just how viable or not each project actually is.


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